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YAMAYA is set within an 80 year old house in the Yamashiro Town section of Miyoshi City in Tokushima Prefecture, in the center of Shikoku.

YAMAYA's building was originally built when the nearby JR railroad was being completed back in the 1930s. The classic wooden construction offers a large open interior for the cafe and guesthouse, as well as views unto the surrounding mountains of Koboke Gorge from the hillside location of our front terrace.

With our tranquil atmosphere, we hope you can enjoy a nostalgic and relaxing time.


Our guests are our family

Since first being built, the building has been in our family for several generations. Recently, we reformed this house ourselves, and upon completion we opened it as YAMAYA.


Today, at our family run operation, we work together to host guests, cook in the cafe, and serve at the bar.


Please come and be part of our family.

Oboke & Koboke Gorges

YAMAYA overlooks the Koboke Gorge area of Shikoku's wild Yoshino River. Our location on the edge of a small downtown area called Kawaguchi offers convenient access for sightseeing day trips to the nearby Oboke Gorge and the Iya Valley.


And for those interested in white-water rafting, then this is the place to be. The Yoshino River is world renowned for its awesome rapids and YAMAYA's central location is within easy reach of many rafting outfitters. Actually, YAMAYA is less than a one minute walk away from BIG SMILE Rafting, who offer both half-day and full day rafting tours.


Land of adventure

For some great information about visiting Oboke Gorge and the Iya Valley,

check out the IyaTime Travel Guide (in English).

Kominka Yado YAMAYA


Tokushima Prefecture, Miyoshi City

 Yamashiro, Okawamochi 573-1

℡ 0883-86-1898

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