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Cafe & Bar

Opening Times


until 9:00

Served for overnight guesthouse customers only


11:30 - 14:00

Served Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays only.

Bar and Dinner

18:00 - 22:30

Closed Wednesdays and Sundays

YAMAYA Cafe & Bar


Seating is available at out bar counter as well as at tables upon our raised wooden floor (with sunken leg space underneath for extra comfort). Meals can also be enjoyed on our terrace outside while you look out to the mountains.


In the evening, we light the whole place up to offer a relaxing atmosphere.


All of our meals use fresh local ingredients, including herbs and vegetables we grow ourselves. Daily meal sets are available for lunch, with drinks and desserts also served during the day. 


We offer a wide range of food on our menu, including Japanese, Western, and various ethnic dishes. Yet even though there's a lot available, we aim to provide authentic tastes that are sure to satisfy. 


Enjoy our natural tastes

Breakfast is available only for overnight guesthouse customers, and it is served in our cafe.

What's your flavor ?

Feeling thirsty? We've got whatever you may desire. Our bar boasts sake from across Japan, as well as a huge variety of both domestic and international beers, whiskey, wine, and other alcohols. And our cocktails are top-notch since one of our family is also a skilled bartender.


And to go along with your drinks, we also have a large selection of appetizers and side dishes for you to enjoy. 


Good drinks with good friends

Kominka Yado YAMAYA


Tokushima Prefecture, Miyoshi City

 Yamashiro, Okawamochi 573-1

℡ 0883-86-1898

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